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NKG Bero Italia SpA is a company that belongs to Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, a German multinational group with headquarters in Hamburg who is undisputed leader of the world market of green coffee. NKG, founded in 1922, is now present in 28 countries with 47 companies and over 2100 employees; its operations cover the whole green coffee value-chain from the production in origin to the distribution to the industry.

All of our efforts and our activities are concentrated exclusively on green coffee. In fact, for us, the coffee is not a transaction at convenience as it is for the many multi-commodities companies: coffee is our business but also our passion.


Thanks to our direct presence in all the major producing countries, we are in a privileged position that allows us to offer to our customers an unparalleled level of service, a timely execution of contracts and an effective quality control.

This organization, which has no equal in the world of coffee, allowed NKG Bero Italia to gain the leadership of the Italian market, the fourth largest in the world by volume of green coffee imported. We are proud to state that one out of every seven cups of coffee produced in Italy is made from coffee supplied by us!

NKG Bero Italia S.P.A.  -  A Company of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe

Piazza S.Matteo 15/6 - 16123 Genova - Italy
Tel: +39.010.8992600- Fax: +39.010.8992639 - Mail: trade@nkgbero.it
Partita I.V.A. IT01969250990