Group Companies



We allow our business partners to take advantage of the opportunities that the market offers, without resorting to speculative transactions. Thanks to the unparalleled organization of NKG group, which covers the whole green coffee value-chain and places us in a privileged position, we can totally satisfy everyone's needs, with the guarantee of timely executions, traceability and effective quality control.


We help all our Customers to save time and improve their efficiency, with an approach always problem solving oriented. Thanks to our specific experience and important volumes crank up, we are also able to provide deliveries "just in time" and VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) to the best possible conditions.



Risk Management

We are able to offer to our business partners an effective strategy to manage and reduce the risks related to the fluctuations in prices and, thanks to the direct access on the Commodity exchanges, to execute "fixing" orders with absolute precision and maximum speed.


NKG Bero Italia S.p.A. provide an equipped sample-tasting room and an highly trained staff regarding the coffee quality. The Group, absolute leader also in the "specialties" market, has created an unit exclusively dedicated to the analysis and evaluation of the green coffee, with experts recognized worldwide and one of the most advanced lab in the international scene of green coffee.